Paper Dolls by Gail


Be sure to  include a good close up photo of the face, a photo of the pet, and a photo of the custom outfit(if wanted),  with the order

Remember all body styles can be any ethnicity or race. ­

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Circle the person's favorites:_  dance, fishing, football, baseball, roller or ice skating, field or ice hockey, school or rock band and instrument played, reading, playing in sand box, tree climbing, beach activities, golf, miniature golf, Chuck e Cheezes, gocarts, nascar and favortie driver, jump rope, board games and which ones, fishing, swimming, exercise, aerobics, and for any other activities please list below:

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Name of Pet: (must enclose pet photo)__________________________________________

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(Please allow two (2) weeks from receipt of the order.  If you choose a "rush" order please allow 1 week.  Rush orders are an additional $10.00


Paper Dolls in Book            =        $46.00

One (1) paper doll printed on cardstock paper and fifteen (15) outfits printed on premium coated paper to create a paper doll book.  Doll is approximately 8" tall.  One (1) free custom outfit is included.  One (1) free pet is included.  

Photo of custom outfit and pet must accompany order.

Be sure to indicate hair and eye color on the Order Form.


Paper Doll CD         =            $36.00

One (1) paper doll and fifteen (15) outfits are burned to a high quality CD/DVD in .jpg format and mailed to you.  One (1) free pet.

You can print as many sets as you like on whatever weight paper you prefer.

When you child wears her set out you can print her a new set.


Paper Dolls emailed         =         $28.00

Same as the CD Package but emailed to you in .jpg format.  One (1) free pet.

The doll and outfits are downloaded by right clicking your mouse and clicking "save to" whatever photo program you have installed on your computer.  Most computers will allow you to view and print them.

Can be printed on magnetic paper, cardstock, or any paper you choose.




Magnetic Paper Dolls       =     $25.00

You will receive one sheet (8-1/2"x11") with the doll, which is 5-1/2" and 4 or 5 outfits.  Additional clothing sheets containing 4 or 5 outfits, (a gown and 3 outfits or 5 regular outfits) will cost an additional $15.00 each sheet.

Paper dolls will stick to your refrigerator, dishwasher, or any size baking pan, cookie sheet, or other metal container.  The outfit will also stick to the doll when the doll is on the refrigerator, etc.

Paint one area of the wall in a child's room, playroom, or family room with magnetic paint.   They can play for hours with their magnetic dolls, magnetic clothing and magnetic furniture.